For the preparation of your stay in Bad Oeynhausen, I am happy to help you with all the information you need, assist you with your traveling schedule and hotel reservation. During your stay in Bad Oeynhausen, I will gladly introduce you to the fascinating history of our town, assist you in choosing additional spa & healing treatments (if you wish) as well as entertainment activities. 

If you would like to enjoy a full musing, you give your time into my hands and let me arrange everything for you. All costs will be communicated.


Bad Oeynhausen is a beautiful spa town, a little arcadia in between the heart-opening sight of the "Porta Westfalica" (the legendary hills opening up to the northern flatland) and the famous Teutoburg Forest. Bad Oeynhausen was built by the Prussian king, the same king that built the city of Potsdam, known for its one-of-a-kind architecture. 


But it is not only the landscape and the architecture that make Bad Oeynhausen special. It is famous for its mission: healing people. Once a spa with a variety of healing springs for bathing, drinking and inhaling, the city and many active citizens nowadays have to work hard to keep these springs alive and running as the change of the healthcare system in Germany lost its track concerning spa treatment.


A part of my time and work is dedicated to the process of bringing the soul of the city back to life by raising awareness for its beauty and potential. As the city goes through a process of self-discovery, it still has to offer a lot: 


The city is famous for its variety in healing methods, which were developed during the last decades and work in addition, and one day again hand in hand with the springs. Right next to a large number of mental and physical healing institutions, which you can find here, we are world famous for our heart disease treatments in the  Heart- and Diabetes Centre NRW.

But not only can your heart be healed physically in our beautiful town, there are also very successful options for spiritual healing. As these services are offered by individual healers and consultants who do not need and therefor not own websites, you can ask me for further information.



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