"Viel Kälte ist unter den Menschen,

weil wir es nicht wagen, uns so herzlich zu geben,

wie wir sind."

-Albert Schweitzer

"There is so much cold among the people

because we do not dare to behave

as cordial as we are."

-Albert Schweitzer


Philomena knows that every connection you make is a small hint of the universe leading you to your next development through mutual influence. This is why she lovingly welcomes every new human being to her network, irrespective of background, status or influence.


Through inspiration, Philomena has influenced many people's paths and is often asked to find or recommend potential influencers & project partners. During the musings, Philomena eventually connects you with the people you need for your path.


In 2011 Philomena made her first Salon experiences when she founded Salonara with Steffen Gruber and Johannes Freund, a curated salon event that connected people based on the question "If not for this salon, would they have ever met?"


In 2013 Philomena founded the SDF (Stammtisch der Filmemacher), a German networking event for the film industry, known for its exceptionally warm, sincere and inspiring community.


Since then Philomena passed on the inspiration and knowledge for others to create their own salons and networking events.


Since 2013 Philomena has been invited as a speaker and guest lecturer to various events and institutions, such as the Institute for New Media, the Hessian Ministry of Science & Art, Disrupt Media, Museum for Electronic Games & Arts, University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, She's Mercedes, just to name a few.