A musing, which can be understood as wholistic consultation, contains all of the fields mentioned above. Depending on who you are and what you need, the consultation will help you find out who you are and that you are meant to do in this world, inspire the steps of your individual path, bring you together with very nice people and/or help you express your story. If you know what you want and need - great. But there is no need for you to be a step ahead at this point in time. We will take the necessary steps together. You will see it when you get there.



In your time together, Philomena will see you for who you are. 


Someone curious once asked: "Philomena, why is it you are able to see the best in people?"


- "I'm not sure, but I always have", she replied. "I see the inner beauty of a person, no matter if it is expressed or yet remains hidden behind layers of inner and outer combat. The most beautiful aspect of my work is to help someone see his own good nature and by that put him in the power to work with it."


Philomena creates creative impulses on nature-walks, in conversations, trips and travels. 


The award-winning muse works with brave individuals on brave endeavors.

Philomena (which by the way is her name given at birth) means "friend of bravery".


Inspiration not only is the source of creativity, but also the source of motivation and courage. If you are inspired and in the flow, you will more easily find the courage to get going.


Philomena knows that every connection you make is a small hint of the universe leading you to your next development through mutual influence. This is why she lovingly welcomes every new human being to her network, irrespective of background, status or influence. And this is how she met the most interesting, honest and influential people.


If you need a new connection or a whole new network for your path, your project or your business, then you have found what you were looking for.


Philomena is known to be a story-enfolder. With her natural ability to sense story potential in every being, project and company as well as the dramaturgical skills to develop narratives in every form of media environment, Philomenas developments have not only lead to successful creations, but most importantly: they have caused happiness and transported positive energy to everyone involved.


Her style of teaching narrative development helped creatives, entrepreneurs, managers and private parties understand an develop their own stories intuitively and overcome limitations.